Sunday, January 20, 2008

Andrew Tosh - Andrew Sings Tosh He Never Died

1. Rastafari Is
2. Coming In Hot
3. Buckingham Palace
4. Down Presser Man
5. You Can't Fool Me Again
6. Letter, The
7. Legalize It
8. Burial
9. Babylon Queendom
10. Arise Black Man Arise
11. You Can't Blame The Youth
12. I Am That I Am
13. He Never Died
14. If I Did Know
15. Arise - (TRUE instrumental)

Musicians-Drums:Sly Dunbar-bass:Robbie Shakespeare.guitar: Gitsy Willians,Dwight Pickney.keyboards:Robbie Lyn,Keith Sterling,Andrew Tosh.horns:Nambo Robinson,Dean Fraser,Chico Chin.backing vocals:the Tamlins,the Psalms,Pam Hall,Jennifer Lara,Sharron Tucker.lead vocals:Andrew Tosh.

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