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Mother B Tape, Reel 2 (aka: Bedroom Tapes 2 of 2; aka: Mama Cedella Lost Tapes), Kingston, Jamaica, 1980, Solo Acoustic

01 - Jailbreaker #1
02 - Jailbreaker #2
03 - Place Of Peace
04 - Record a New Song
05 - We & Dem
06 - Vexation
07 - Jump Them Out Of Babylon
08 - Band instrumental #1
09 - Bass Solo
10 - Pray For Me
11 - Slogans (Instrumental)
12 - Slogans
13 - Band Instrumental #2
14 - Guitar Solo
15 - Right On


The jury found I guilty
And I found them guilty too
Cos I'm a jailbreaker, a hot stepper
Well, I'm livin' in injustice...
Heard it on the radio
I was armed and dangerous
But in my heart I know
I'm full of love
I'm a jailbreaker, a hot stepper...

Jailbreak, day break
Got to watch the city
Said the watchman watch in vain
And while they was sleeping
Slip through the gate again
Yeah, I'm a jailbreaker
It's easy, hot stepper...

Yeah they came and they frame I
For things I never do
And the jury found I guilty
But I found them guilty too...
Said we're victim of circumstances
And we don't stand a chance
But the good have to endure the struggle
Look and never take a chance...

How could you put me
Behind bars with your lies
You want to ruin my freedom
In this type of institution
Two sticks of dynamite
Could cause a night excuse...
Yes they came and they took I
To the gallows to hang I
This old priest came up to I and said
Oh, the good got to suffer for the bad...

No don't you hang him down
He's not the one who shot up a town
No you can't hang that one
He's not the one who mosh up your town...
As I walk through the dark shadows of the ghetto
Say we yearn for the sunshine of freedom...
Make us lie down in the prison cells of injustice...

They say I'm armed and dangerous
Well, all I've discovered I've got my heart
Babylon get nervous
Them know we got to tear it apart

Dem grow up in the ghetto
Never know what happiness is
First tried to make it on the street
And look at what it come to - this...
I'm a jailbreaker
Yes I'm a hot stepper

Place Of Peace

So far away from where it's happening
You think you found a place of peace
Just to find that it's happening everywhere
It's happening here there and everywhere
Please don't touch that with the vision
Learn to respect every man religion...
Let I live a life I love to today...
Lift my spliff and take a draw
Someone say I'm breakin' the law
They make everything to try and arrest you...

Record A New Song

Every night you record a new song
And you sing about your love and your hate
You try to make a break of a new dawn...

If you gonna live by the gun now
Surely gonna die by the gun...
Have no respect for anyone,
Well, it seems like unoo have no manners
To no one
Look how unoo a gwan...
You should listen to your vision

If Rasta no build the house
Workman work in vain
No matter what you hear them say
Come again

Rastafari is our leader
On the bright and morning star
Don't you know I'm right
Don't you know I'm right
Don't you know I'm right


Let me in, let me out
Cuz I can't do without
Vexation in me life, oh!
Turn 'em in, turn 'em out
Do with it, and do without
Vexation in your life, yeah

Jump Them Out Of Babylon

jump them jump them
Jump them out of Babylon
Jump them jump them
Jumpt them out of Babylon

Some would call me an escaped prisoner
Some would say that I'm extortioner
Some would say I'm armed and dangerous
But I would say, "Don't get nervous"...

Some would say I'm a freedom fighter
Some would say I'm an executioner...
Some would say I'm a liberator
A me say jump them jump them
Don't want to be no prisoner...

An' me say break down the prison walls
Oh make me no more prisoner no more...

Tell my mama not to make no moise
Cuz I'm gonna have to pick a choice
Even do seven years in a dumb cell
Or jump them and do well

Pray For Me

Tell all the weakhearts
Stay away from my door
Just can't take your evil no more
Cup is full and runneth over
Far as I can see
Shally wally wah
Did you say your prayer
Shall wally way
Pray for me [repeated 4 times]

Hey Mr. Klansman get down from the tree
Can't stand to see
The suffering of the majority...

Can't Take Your Slogans No More

Can't take your slogans no more [repeated 4 times]
Wipe off the paint and the slogans
All over the street
Confusin' the people
While the asphalt burns
Our tired feet
I see borders and barriers
Segregation and riot
Sufferation of the majority
Will always be with you and me...

Can't take your slogans no more...
No more sweet talk from the hypocrites...
No more sweet talk no more fussing
No more sweet talk from the pulpit

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