Monday, June 13, 2011

Les Enfants Du Rock - Special Bob Marley

Channel : Antenne 2
Program Name : Les Enfants Du Rock - Special Bob Marley
Duration : 1h09
Country : France
Documentary director : Patrick Gandrey-Rety
Documentary Traduction : Helene Lee
Preservation : Marley and Tosh Website
1983-XX-XX Antenne 2 - Les Enfants Du Rock Documentary
Special program,, about the Tv channel itself,, Antenne 2 french tv channel ,, who is nowdays called France 2

About the program ,, Les Enfants Du Rock (the childrens of rock) was aired on saturday night each week

Created by Pierre Lescure (founder of the french tv named Canal Plus), first one was aired 1982-01-07

As hosts Jean-Pierre Dionnet , Philippe Manœuvre (la nouvelle star),Patrice Blanc-Francard (who interviewed bob back in the 70's)
but also Jacky (Jacques Jakubowicz,who was in charge of bob marley and the wailers for France during the 70's)

For the knowledge, there was at that time no others program like this one, apart of one called 'platine 45' (1982-1986)

This program being now seen as cult, i do recall my slow poke watching it heh

The program was all about music, with various themes named like that : rockline,rock'n' roll graffiti,sex machine,houba houba

For the knowledge, there was at that time no others program like this one, apart of one called 'platine 45' who came later

Another mention regarding the fact that Antenne 2 threw this program was the first french program to air the santa barbara county bowl performance
(i still have the recorded video tape here)PARTE 1

About the documentary by itself :

Starting with that amazing redemption song acoustic, then showing you an interview conducted by Patrice Blanc-Franquard
making you able to see the wailers live in paris threw short sequences, the whole concert being held in vault for so long.
The high point being the fan who came to stage , dancing with bob marley ..
The documentary featuring extract of 'rasta and the ball' (rasta et ballon rond) from Jean Pierre Jansen and P.Alessandrini
it's also showing part of the rainbow sequence (redemption song, exodus,stir it up)
the duration of the documentary being like more than 1:09 hour of pure viewing pleasure.

Additionnal Infos And Comments :

unity, judge not..

sans bruit - zebda

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