Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peter tosh - Stepping Razor Red X

Stepping Razor - Red X , the documentary, explores the life of the late Peter Tosh, Reggae artist, Jamaican folk hero, prophet and radical political activist. Based on his personal taped diaries, the Red X tapes, this film reveals the inner thoughts of this volatile musician. His closest friends and associates talk about the many sides of Peter Tosh, explaining his fiery career and dramatic death. Archival interviews with Tosh and rare concert footage fill out this picture of the Rasta visionary.

  • Informações especiais: Trailer - Biographies
  • Título Original: Peter Tosh: Stepping Razor Red X
  • Tempo: 103
  • Cor: Colorido
  • Ano de Lançamento: 2002
  • Recomendação: 18 anos
  • Formato de tela: FullScreen
  1. Disco

    1. The Red X Tapes
    2. Pronounced Dead
    3. Illusion of God
    4. Bob, Bunny & Peter
    5. Society of Poverty
    6. Conflicts
    7. Equal Rights & Justice
    8. Living the Message
    9. Deeper Than His Time
    10. Peter´s Ghosts
    11. The Final Night
    12. Truth

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