Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lee "Scratch" Perry And Adrian Sherwood - Dub Setter (2010)

Product Description

Born from the sessions that birthed Lee Perry's Mighty Upsetter album, but far more than just a straight dub version of that set, Dub Setter is a 10 track collection of heavy-weight dubs comprised of both radical reworkings of Mighty Upsetter tunes alongside brand new material. It is also the first full-on dub album with Adrian Sherwood at the controls since Never Trust A Hippy in 2003.
As well as making an excellent companion piece to Mighty Upsetter, this album finds Sherwood operating at the peak of his rootical production powers, playing the studio to full soundbwoy effect as he draws on a vast range righteous musics from around the globe to create a conquering lion of earth-shaking psychedelic rhythm and sound that will delight any fan of the trademarked On-U style.

01. His Master's Voice
02. Wake Up Call
03. Lucky Tarzan
04. Pick 'N' Mix
05. Elixir Of Life
06. Yellow Fever
07. Taboo
08. Flush It
09. All Will Be Well In The Garden
10. Kingston Tower


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