Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Gladiators Back To Roots (1982)

Productors : Léo Lee, Jacky Knafo, The Gladiators
Studio : Channel One
Engineer : Scientist

Studio ("voicing") : Harry Studio

Engineer : Syl Morris

Cover Art : Jacques Puiseux

Photos ("Back cover") : Jacky Knafo
Graphism : François Anssens

Musicians :

Albert "youth" Griffiths : vocals a,d bass in A5, B2, B5 and rythm guitar
audley "orguy" taylor : keyboard
clinton "guidsy" rufus : lead guitar
clinton "bassy" fearon : vocals and bass
Gallimore "gaby" sutherland : vocals and rythm guitar
stanley "barnabas" bryan : drums

1. Prayer To Jah
2. The Race
3. Guts
4. Marcus Garvey Time
5. Rich Man, Poor Man
6. No Wrong Idea
7. The Warriors
8. God Bless
9. Streets Of Freedom
10. Follow The Rainbow

CD Re-Release

11. On The Other Side
12. Chatty Chatty Mouth
13. Talking Blues
14. Rude Boy Ska

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